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Whether you are small business or a large processing operation, we can supply you with grain ,pumpkin seeds and kernels of Persian walnut in a variety of guantities on flexible and favorable conditions. We specialise in growing grain , buying from individuals, cleaning ,separating according to the size and packing pumpkin seeds of different sorts and kernels of walnut. We offer pumpkin seeds that can be used for food and other goals and also for producing oils. Interopt-Service effectively does just that since 1995.We export our commodities to Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, and Algeria. We have a capacity of about : 20.000 metric tons of grain ; 1500 metric tons of pumpkin seeds; 500 metric tons of walnuts per year. Our grain ,seeds and walnut meets world standards. We are flexible in terms of packing, too. Our products can be exported by the most convenient means of transport, (e.d. rail, water, automobile). Make shipping subject to the conditions -- EXW, FOB, FCA.
We are looking forward to working with you.

Pumpkin's seeds - «Ukrainian Mnogoplodnaya»: 
Humidity: 6-7%
Packing: -- 25 kg polypropylene sacks.

class="indent_img_2">Pumpkin's seeds "Bulgarian" (a ladies' finger):
Packaging: polypropylene bags on 25 kg
Calibration 8 +.
Humidity: 6-7 %

Pumpkin's seeds "Serovolzhsky":
Packaging: polypropylene bags on 25 kg
Calibration 10-, 10+, 11+, 12+
Humidity: 6-7 %

Pumpkin's seeds Kernel

Shipping options walnut kernel (the party of 20 tons):
1. Quantity:
- mix - 13t (± 35-40% - 1/2). negotiated price USD per 1 kg
On request, the proportion may be changed only in the
direction of increasing the mix.

2. Packing:
- vacuum bags 2x5 kg = 10 kg per carton.
- Perforated bags of 10 kg per carton.
- Without a primary package of 10 kg per carton
Marking - on the request of buyer.
We guarantee quality and fulfillment of shipping terms.
Possible quantity - 60 - 100t per month

WALNUT(in skin) Calibration 28+ on 30 + is possible - today in selling a packaging 20-25 kg. in nets or polypropylene bags
Calibrated 28+

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